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Fishing with Daddy

Posted by admin On August - 1 - 2010

Today, I went on my first fishing trip ever. I had so much fun. First, Dad and I went to the local 7-11 to get some bait. That is the first time I’ve ever seen worms in a refrigerator! Daddy explained that we needed to get some bait to put on the hooks.

We finally got to the lake. I helped by carrying my fishing pole, tackle box, and my own folding chair. Daddy grabbed the cooler, his folding chair, and the worms.

I helped Daddy attach the hook to the fishing line as well as the bobber. Daddy then showed me how to bait the hook with a worm. We had extra long night crawlers so Daddy showed me how we could break them apart to make even more bait. I jumped right in getting my hands all over the worms. They were messy, but I didn’t care.

Then it was time for our first cast. Daddy showed me how to do it. You press the button quick and hold it tight, you count to three, and then you swing the line into the water while releasing the button. It took some coordination, but I finally got it. You know what they say, if at first you don’t succeed, try again.

After Daddy showed me how to do it, I wanted to try it on my own. There was a learning curve for sure, but by the end of the day, I could cast away all by myself. Here are a couple of clips of my progression throughout the day.

I fished for a solid 2 and a half hours and was very good and patient even thought we hadn’t caught any fish. I decided to run around for a little bit to see if that would change up our luck. Daddy said he continue fishing in hopes that we’d catch at least one fish.

Sure enough… while I was running around, Daddy caught a nice fish and then gave me the pole to reel him in. Check it out — my first fish on my fishing pole!

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I named him Jacob and then we threw him back so he could go swimming with his friends.

On the last cast of the day, I lost my bobber and it made me sad. Daddy told me not to worry about and that we had plenty of other bobbers and he showed me the other bobbers in the tackle box. That didn’t matter to me, I wanted to swim out and get the bobber, but Daddy said it was too far away.

So after a total of 3 hours of fishing, the score was:

1 Fish
1 Lost bobber
12 night crawlers
1 chocolate milk
1 apple juice
and lots of fun. The best part of fishing was learning something new and spending time with my Daddy. We had a great time and it was absolutely beautiful outside. Next time, we’ll catch even more fish, I’m sure of it!

Go Cubs Go

Posted by admin On July - 23 - 2010

Well… I’m back from hiatus. What a fun summer I’ve been having. I went to Camp Arizona for 3.5 weeks and now my parents are back from their big trip to Africa. I’m so far behind in my blogging, I’m not sure when I’ll get caught up.

I guess there is no time like the present… so here are a couple of gems from last Friday at the Cubs vs. Phillies game at Wrigley Field. This was my second baseball game and my first at Wrigley. I practiced all morning with Daddy on how to sing Take Me Out to the Ball Game. I know Go Cubs Go by heart already!

You might think I’m all conflicted wearing Phillies gear at Wrigley Field, but you see my Mommy roots for the Phillies and Daddy roots for the Cubs, so I’m caught somewhere in between. I actually had fun rooting for both teams!

Well, guess what? I got to go to Applebee’s with Nana, Papa, Uncle Frank and Aunt Annette. Now I know what Nana and Papa do each week with their friends. I was sad that Uncle Tom and Aunt Judie were in Pinetop and couldn’t join us tonight.

I felt a little tired when we went there, as Nana had to wake me up from a nap I almost didn’t take. I get really tired, but I think I’m such a big boy, I don’t have to nap. I fell asleep though while Nana was reading me stories, and sure enough, I had a hard time waking up.

But you have to understand, I had a very busy day.

I got up once in the night and Nana put me back in bed, and then Nana and Papa were excited that I didn’t get back up until 6 a.m. instead of 5 a.m. I brought books to their bed, and Nana read me more stories while Papa continued to snore! He played with me so hard all day yesterday so he deserved to snore!

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Then Nana, Papa and I went on a bike ride and walk. I’m so happy Aunt Carol Stanley loaned Nana the little bicycle. I rode it all the way around the Summit. Papa and I stopped to see Marie, who is 81 years old, and she was happy to see me. Nana walked on home to shower and get ready for the next thing on the schedule.

Papa helped get my breakfast and then he left to meet his buddies for softball breakfast. Nana got ready and we went to meet her music friends at Paradise Bakery where she bought me a bagel. And, guess what? I got cream cheese, also, and boy was it good. My good friend, Aunt Donna, who is a faithful blogger to me was there. Also Loydine, Bobbie and Rita were there. We had a nice visit and everyone thought I was pretty special. Mommy’s iPhone came in handy when I finished my bagel.

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Movies Camp AZ June 2010 6-13-2010 10-55-05 AM 6-8-2010 10-02-07 AM - Share on Ovi

Oh, and I must tell you that I told Nana I had to go potty all of the sudden while at the bakery, and I went tinkle and also poopie. I was a big boy. I asked Nana if I should go in the Gentleman’s room and she said no, that I would go there with Daddy or Papa, because Nana is a lady.

Then Nana and I went shopping at Trader Joe’s. They have carts just my size, and we filled it up with lots of things. I tried the pumpkin bread they had there, and I liked it so we bought some. We bought some things for our lunches. I did a great job guiding the cart and watching where I was going. The check out lady was so nice she gave me some stickers and also a GREEN balloon. I decided I wanted a green one because I was wearing a green shirt! I thought that was a good reason.

Nana fixed lunch for Papa and me, and then Papa took me swimming for a little bit while Nana cleaned stuff up. It seems there is always stuff to clean up around here. I wonder why?

Oh, and Aunt Mary Hjalmervik came by and brought me some puzzles to borrow. That was nice of her.

After my swim, Nana and Papa thought it was time for a rest, and that is what I was talking about when I started this page on this day. I guess I am a little mixed up in my writing, but it is late and I’m pretty tired.

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Did I mention that we went to Applebee’s tonight? Oh yes, I think I did. And you know what? The lady was so nice that a bunch of people came to my table and SANG Happy Birthday to me and brought me a chocolate sundae. I was pretty full, so I was happy to share one bite to everyone else at the table.

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Movies Camp AZ June 2010 6-13-2010 10-55-05 AM 6-8-2010 6-20-29 PM - Share on Ovi

Well, I thought it would be nice to share some of the pie I helped make last night so Papa and I went in the golf cart over to Frank and Annette’s and took them three pieces of pie.

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By this time it was almost starting to get a little bit dark, but we still had time to go in the pool. I practiced the things Ms. Lisa taught me yesterday. I’m really getting good at kicking. Nana and I practiced pushing off the wall with our feet to get a head start. I think I could stay in the pool for hours.

We got out and showered outside with my soap. It’s really easy to do that, and I get super clean at the same time.

I came in and went potty, washed hands, brushed teeth, got jammies on, and Nana read two stories to me before I nodded off to sleep. She read THE FAT CAT and WHO TOOK THE FARMER’S HAT?, which were two favorite books of Uncle JJ. I love the airplane book which is like the bird book, and then today Nana also read the Dinosaur book. Boy, those were large animals. I’m learning their names.

Nana showed me the pictures Mommy put on her blog and I noticed right away that Mommy and Daddy took Mort along on their trip. I hope Mort is on his best behavior and has his listening ears on, just like me!

Nighty Nite!

Love, Jacob XXOO

Little Fish

Posted by admin On June - 7 - 2010

Monday, June 7, 2010

Oh boy, this was my first full day at Nana and Papa’s and did we ever have fun! I showed Nana and Papa how much energy I have and I told them it was because I am such a good eater. Now they know why I am growing to be such a big boy, because I like to eat lots of things.

Twice in the night I showed up at Nana and Papa’s bed quietly and said, “Hi Nana”. Nana got out of bed, and went with me back to my room both times. Then by 5:30 a.m., I was ready to get up and get started with play.

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I wasn’t sure why Nana and Papa were still tired and wanted to sleep. They got up and we all decided to take a walk with my big boy bicycle that Nana borrowed from Carol Stanley. It was so nice of Ms. Carol to let us borrow her bike.

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Movies Camp AZ June 2010 6-13-2010 10-55-05 AM 6-7-2010 7-16-43 AM - Share on Ovi

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So, at 6:30 a.m. we were out walking and riding the bike. Well, that worked up a good appetite and I had a very big breakfast after that.

Papa had a ball game at 9:30, so Nana was so nice and took me to the ball field, and I even got to ride in the red golf cart, too. Nana and I both wore our seat belts and we were very careful. I said ‘hi’ to a lot of Papa’s friends, and was a good listener. Nana explained the bases and pitches to me, and I watched Papa’s team play. Papa didn’t get a home run, but he made it to first base a few times. We had some snacks while we were watching, too.

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And guess what? After the game, Nana and I drove by Tom and Judie’s house and saw Uncle Frank cleaning their pool, so we stopped and talked to him awhile. Then we didn’t want to miss Aunt Annette, so we also stopped to see her and have a visit. She showed me their very nice pool and their sofa that lays people down.

By this time, Nana said she thought it must be nearly 4 pm, but it was only 11 a.m. I guess it was because she had to get up so early with me.

Time to eat again… lunch time… Nana isn’t used to eating three meals a day and forgot how she did that when JJ and Daddy were little boys. We had a good lunch and I ate well, again… (I said I am growing) … THEN I got to go swimming for a short time with Papa … I just love the pool and love to jump in. We couldn’t stay in too long since we needed to rest a bit before going to my swim lesson with Lisa.

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Nap time didn’t sound very good to me, but Nana and Papa thought it sounded like a really good idea. I got up a few times, and went potty by myself … by the way… no accidents either!!!!!…. then I found Nana resting on her bed and I laid down with her and fell sound asleep.

Nana had to wake me so we could go to our swimming lesson with Lisa. I wasn’t sure about going into her pool, but Gavin was there, who is 4 and is also taking a lesson with me. It didn’t take me long, and I was a happy camper swimming with Lisa and Gavin. I think I am going to be a good swimmer soon. Ms. Lisa was very impressed with me and my cute smile. !!! I think it might be my pretty blue eyes and dark eyelashes that all the ladies love, but I’m not sure!

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Movies Camp AZ June 2010 6-13-2010 10-55-05 AM 6-7-2010 4-49-38 PM - Share on Ovi

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I got some warm fuzzies today and NO cold pricklies so maybe tomorrow I can cash them in for a treat!

I helped Papa grill steaks for dinner tonight and I ate very well again. I even ate my veggies.

Nana and I made a PIE after supper. I helped her stir the cream, but the best part was licking the whisk and the bowl, too. Nana said her mommy use to let her lick the bowl when she was a little girl. I love cherries too, and am trying to learn how to spit the pit out.

Movies Camp AZ June 2010 6-13-2010 10-55-05 AM 6-7-2010 6-37-06 PM - Share on Ovi

Movies Camp AZ June 2010 6-13-2010 10-55-05 AM 6-7-2010 6-37-35 PM - Share on Ovi

Well, if this isn’t enough, Papa took me on an errand to Sam’s tonight. I was a good listener, and we bought a bunch of fruit. Then we even shared an ice cream cone which was to be a secret, but I told Nana anyway!

The tub was waiting for me when I got home, and that felt pretty good after being sticky. I asked Nana to read two stories and then I said goodnight. I like to have the hall light on for me to fall asleep.

One time when I picked warm fuzzies, I picked a pink one for Nana and a red one for the golf cart, because the cart is red.

I hope everyone has had a good day and that Mommy and Daddy are having a safe trip!

I love you. Love, Jacob (the little Fish) XXOO

Oh My Goodness

Posted by admin On June - 6 - 2010

June 6, 2010 Grayslake, IL to Surprise, AZ

Oh my goodness! What a day we had today! I got up early today to go to the airport with Nana and we got on the great big plane to fly to Arizona for Camp Arizona. I was pretty excited. Mommy and Daddy drove us to Milwaukee and they gave me a GREAT BIG HUG and KISS as they said goodbye and Nana and I went through the security station. I was a big boy and handed the lady my ticket. Then I got a bin and put my shoes in there and put it through the machine. And guess what? When my shoes came through the machine, there was a surprise toy in the bin for me! I guess the lady could see I was being a very good boy!

The plane ride was very good and I chose a window seat so I could look out. I sat in my seat with the seat belt on for four hours. I only got up once to go to the potty and I stayed dry the whole time. Nana says that I am such a big boy and she is so very proud of me.

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Luckily Mommy and Daddy let me bring my DVD player and I watched a movie after the plane got up in the sky! I had some snacks and visited with Nana, too.

We had to walk a long way to get our bags and we even took the escalator and I was very careful when I got on. But I did like to JUMP off at the end, cause I didn’t want to get my feet caught.

We got out bags off the rounder, and then Papa came to meet us. We went to the car and Nana and Papa worked hard to get my car seat installed just right. I checked everything out and it was perfect. About ½ ways to Nana and Papa’s, I fell asleep… Papa carried me into the house and I slept another 15 min. or so in my Camp Arizona bed.

On the way home, I said, “Hey, do you have a kitchen at your house?” Nana thought I was worried about getting some food while at Camp Arizona, but I knew I don’t have to worry about that.

Papa and I went to the fire station to make sure the car seat was installed properly. Boy, I got to sit in the BIG RED FIRETRUCK and that was really fun. They gave me a fireman’s hat, too, and a sticker. BUT Papa forgot to take the camera, so we were sad. I learned the fire men are very nice men!

Nana drove the golf cart over to the spa so we could meet there and buy some swimming trunks that are necessary to wear in the pool. I have to get a few inches taller and then I don’t have to wear the special swim pants. Ms. Lisa, my swimming teacher, wanted Nana to buy two more pair for some other boys who need them. I’m going to see Ms. Lisa tomorrow for my first swimming lesson with Lisa.

But, do you know what? I went swimming tonight, after dinner, with Papa. I was like a little fish and loved it the whole time. It did make me tired.

Mommy and Daddy were getting packed today for their big trip to South Africa, but they took time to visit with me on the web camera tonight. I was happy to see them and tell them about my day.

We did the bath time routine, and read stories before I fell right asleep on my nice cozy bed. Pigeons came along with me, and Nana had Baxter dog waiting for me, too so I am sleeping with a lot of animals tonight.

I’m going to try to sleep straight through the night and not wake Nana and Papa up until it gets very light outside in the morning!

Love, Jacob

Happy Birthday to Me!

Posted by admin On May - 31 - 2010

I had a great Birthday yesterday. Many of my friends came over and we had perfect weather. We got a bounce house and I played in it from 9am until 7:30pm with limited breaks.

It was so much fun I didn’t even have time to take a nap.

Check out all of the action in this video. Thanks to everyone who was able to make it. I had a great time! For those of you not able to make it, maybe we’ll see you next year!

Baxter Ball?

Posted by admin On May - 18 - 2010

Tonight, I was sitting at the kitchen table, eating my left over spaghetti and Baxter was hovering around my chair. You see, I’m a bit of a messy eater when I’m eating spaghetti and Baxter often is on cleanup patrol, loves spaghetti, and often scores a few strands of spaghetti that invariably land on the floor.

Well, I’m ashamed to admit that tonight, I tried to kick Baxter while she was hovering around my chair. Thankfully, I didn’t connect, but even so, that got me an immediate time out on the time out spot as Daddy was not very happy at all.

After I served my punishment, Daddy asked me why I was in timeout and I said “because I kicked at Baxter.” Daddy went on to remind me that we don’t kick people or animals and I told him I knew what I did was wrong. Daddy asked me why I did it, and I responded “because Baxter is a soccer ball, we only kick soccer balls, right Daddy?”.

Daddy didn’t crack a smile and kept a straight face, but I’m pretty sure he chuckled inside with my quick witted response and rationalization. He didn’t buy my excuse and reminded me that Baxter was NOT a soccer ball — even though she is the same colors as a soccer ball — and that we should NEVER hit or kick another animal or person.

I apologized to both Daddy and Baxter and thankfully, the both accepted my apologies.

I’m so grateful to have such a loving and forgiving sister.

Baxter, I don’t tell you often enough how good you are to me. You put up with a lot of my shenanigans and are very patient with me learning to control my own actions. Thanks for always putting up with me and truly being this little boy’s best friend.

I love you Baxter!

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Madagascar in Real Life!

Posted by admin On May - 13 - 2010

Two of my favorite movies right now are Madagascar and Madagascar 2 .  I love all of the animals.

A couple of weeks ago I went on a mini-vacation to visit Grammy out in Philadelphia. On Thursday, we went to the zoo. I had a great time seeing all of the animals, but it was even better to spend the day with Grammy and Mommy!

Here are a couple of photos:

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Jacob van Gogh

Posted by admin On May - 13 - 2010

I really like painting. A couple of weeks ago, I made a couple of more masterpieces.

Sometimes, I get bored with the paper canvas and I extend my art to new mediums:

Check out my sleeve!

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Posted by admin On May - 13 - 2010

You may be wondering what I’ve been up to lately. Well.. I’ve been on the go so much, sometimes I sack out on couch.

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I promise to get back to blogging soon. I’ve got so much to blog about. My trip to Philadelphia and Cape May and other misc. odds and ends, but right now, I need a nap.